Rdr2 legendary cougar location


The legendary animals are the most valuable animals that players can hunt in RDR2. For the money, to different trappers, these animals drop legendary pelts which can be sold. So in this article, I will discuss details about the Rdr2 legendary cougar location.

By the rappers which can be crafted for you also unlock Legendary Pelt items from different animal pelts. In this Red Dead Redemption n2 guide, to kill it and skill it we will help you find the Legendary Cougar. Legendary Cougar will score you the Legendary cougher Pelt and Legendary Cougher Claw IN RDR2 hunting.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Cougar Location:

In RDR2 to find the Legendary Cougar, in the New Austin region head to the Tumbleweed. On the map, this is the westernmost area. Around in the vicinity, you can find the legendary Cougar roaming of the small mining plant, of Gaptoot Ridge north.

The right area when you reach, at the top left corner you will get a prompt you have entered the legendary animal territory of the screen.

Rdr2 legendary cougar location

Rdr2 legendary cougar location

Legendary Cougar kill how?

For different clues search the surroundings like fur, dung, etc. the eagle-eye ability by using interact with the clue which will form a yellow trail. To follow the trial use Eagle Eye ability.

To more clues following the trial will lead you. There are three evidence markers in the case of the Legendary Cougar. To hunt the cougar down follow these clues. Try to keep your distance from it the Legendary Cougar is a very dangerous animal. If you get too close to it will attack you. And after spotting it avoid getting near it, from a distance using a sniper rifle or a bow to hunt. To hit your shots more easily use a dead eye. Of Legendary animal you cannot damage the pelt, As required so take as many shots. In one try if you fail to hunt, Sleep for 72 hours and put down a campfire to be able to hunt the animal again.

The LEGENDARY Cougar how to skin?

The Legendary Cougar After hunting down, the Legendary Cougar pelt to obtain you can skin it. You will get the option to skin it go near the body of the cougar. This pelt can be sold the trapper for $50.0. For crafting the Legendary Cougar pelt items available selling this to the trapper will also unlock.

At the trapper using the legendary cougar pelt here are the items you can craft:

  • Legendary Cougar Flop Hat – requires 2 turkey feathers. Cost $19.
  • Legendary Cougar and Wolf Vest – from the cold requires on legendary wolf pelt and protects Cost $42.
  • Legendary Cougar Riding Gloves – from the cold requires one perfect boar pelt and protects costs $20.

How to Use and Sell Legendary Animal parts:

Sa Legendary Animal Pelt and parts now that you have, for really cool rewards you can exchange them. Here’s in Legendary Parts where you can trade.

  • At the Fence to make very helpful perks called Talismans and Trinkets the parts of a Legendary Animal like antlers and teeth can be used. To see Trinkets and Talismans just approach the Fence and choose BUY from his options. To sell the items to him you won’t need, what you want just choose.
  • To a Trapper for money, the legendary animal skins can be sold to unlock cosmetic gear. From the Trapper’s options leave the skin on the horse and choose SELL. The unique gear after selling you unlocks.

The Legendary Cougar Unlock?

In Red Dead Redemption 2 track down the legendary cougar, of the entire map to head to the very western edge you are firstly going to have. Of Gaptooth Breach you can find the legendary cougar roaming around just north. The small mining plant.

In RDR2 why can’t I find the legendary cougar?

On the whole map, the legendary cougar can only be found in one location. Of New Austin the region it is located. In the game, you will travel here as part of the storyline later, if you wish you can make your way there earlier. of the massive map, it is the most southwesterly point.

Final words

I have discussed here in this article about Rdr2 legendary cougar location see complete map and location with details here Rdr2 legendary cougar location step by step in this article. if you want to see more then visit our website Zmrot.com

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