Where to buy glamour prisms

Where to buy glamour prisms

Where to buy glamour prisms Glamour prisms are consumable objects that may be used to forge the arrival of 1 object onto some other. You should purchase them from a couple of sources, however, there`s one surely advanced approach that stands out: shopping for them out of your Grand Company.

Everybody loves glamour prisms. With simply one quick motion you could flip that effective however hideous new piece of the system into something extra stylish.

The glamour gadget is XIV`s solution to what`s been called “transmog” in different games.

At the fee of a glamour prism, you could task the arrival of 1 weapon, boot, chest piece, wedding ceremony dress, etc. onto some other. This is a godsend, due to the fact the number of the system you`ll choose is horrendous.

I`m now no longer precisely style ahead myself, however, at instances, it felt like my Dark Knight became sporting a reasonably-priced Optimus Prime gown clean off of eBay.

You couldn’t make one weapon kind appear to be some other – so that you can`t cover your amazing huge sword as a nifty pair of daggers. But the glamour gadget lets in a big quantity of flexibility for your character`s look.

There are lots of alternatives for essentially each piece of gear, and in case you need to appearance your first-class you`ll want to get a consistent delivery of prisms. So let`s check a number of the alternatives.

Buy Glamour Prisms From Your Grand Company
This is a way away from the first-class manner to get extra Glamour Prisms.

Here`s a hyperlink to all of the vendors` places to get you started.

You`ll want Company Seals to shop for them, however, they`re smooth to find – finishing Duty Roulettes, FATEs, Grand Company Hunting Logs, and Lives will all praise you with the currency. There`s an entire bunch of sports in which the sport will simply hurl handfuls of Seals at you as praise.

Those Seals may be used for different matters too.

You can use them to degree up your Grand Company rank and accumulate different objects from the vendors, however in the end you simply won`t have that awful lot of use for them. If you`re gambling regularly, you`ll probably accumulate extra of them than you`ll ever use at this point.

They`re now no longer pretty as crucial as they used to be.

And shopping for those out of your Grand Company fees no Gil whatsoever, they simply reward you`ll earn for finishing everyday recreation sports. So it`s a win-win.

Buy Glamour Prisms From The Market Boards

You should purchase stacks of prisms from the Market Boards observed in maximum primary cities, however, I genuinely wouldn`t suggest it. You`re a problem with the pricing whims of different gamers at this point.

And they`ve probably picked them up from their Grand Company with extra Seals themselves. If you`re feeling lazy, certain, clutch a few – however, it`s truly now no longer a cheap long-time solution.

Make Glamour Prisms Yourself

You`ll manifestly want to have the glamour gadget unlocked too, however that`s smooth to do. Just communicate with Swyrgeim in Vesper Bay.

So in case you were given a crafter to degree thirty and unlocked glamour, you`re essentially correct to head. You`ll additionally want the material “Clear Prism” to craft Glamour Prisms yourself.

You can discover a listing of the vendors` places here.

The Grand Company approach remains perfect in my opinion, however, in case you need to apply your Company Seals for different purposes, this is a superb manner to head approximately it.

Some Glamour Prism Tips And Tricks

If you get into correct conduct together with your Glamour Prism usage, you won`t want to apply almost as a lot of them.

If you adore a specific outfit however recognize for certain the stats aren`t going to be of any use to you (as in, you`re now no longer probably to a degree some other activity that might want it) you could essentially remodel the object right into an everlasting glamour the use of the Glamour Dresser in any motel room.

As lengthy, because the object`s sturdiness is at 100% (so both unused, or repaired) you could spend an unmarried glamour prism to stash it away as a look completely for your Glamour Dresser. You can then integrate it glamourpeaks with different portions to create Glamour Plates. Where to buy glamour prisms