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What is glamour

What is glamour

What is glamour Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, and Ava Gardner had it. Sharon Stone and Barbra Streisand have it. Madonna desires it. It`s glamour, a nice that`s difficult to outline or even more difficult to possess, but by hook or by crook we comprehend it while we see it.

It`s allure, beauty, and fashion.

Back then, film stars constantly seemed gorgeous. They had the best hair and make-up even in the grocery keep. Women copied the polished appearance of Grace Kelly; they felt underdressed without gloves and hats.

Ordinary parents wore fits while traveling on airplanes. Sporting shorts or denim to church became a sin. Some idea glamour became long gone for properly withinside the tacky, polyester `70s and glitzed-out `80s. Yet glamour by no means disappeared entirely, and style specialists say it`s playing a revival withinside the `90s.

Myra Magis, style clothier, and proprietor of Myra Magis, atelier de couture, Fullerton:

“Glamour became at the hazard of extinction some years ago, however now it`s creating a comeback. I see glamour withinside the go-back of excessive heels and hats, pink lipstick, `40s-appearance, roller-set hairstyles, and female models over shapeless, unisex apparel. There`s a brand new emphasis on the waist and legs that were forgotten.

“I regularly create special-event apparel for customers, and I use sensuous fabric along with silk and satin, reduce at the bias, for a fluid appearance that drapes the body. Glamour doesn`t need to be all satin and lace. I select dressing up as a tailor-made match with only a contact of lace or satin.

“It`s that detail of surprise, it`s feeling properly approximately being female and sexy.”

Thomas Gaglio of Crew Salon withinside the Lab, Costa Mesa:

“Glamour is self-assurance and sincerity, a herbal attitude, now no longer contrived but trendy. Being female could be very crucial, as is having your personal experience of splendor. Glamour is herbal, being an individual. It`s classic, romantic and from time to time avant-garde.”

Joe Gatto, well-known supervisor of the Center Club, Costa Mesa:

“I suppose it`s extra of an airy thing. There`s the superficial bundle of ways ladies and men get dressed and convey themselves, their proper flavor, and properly styled hair, however, it`s additionally the character that`s glamorous to me.

It comes from the manner they speak to human beings and react to human beings. Real glamour is the entire individual. It`s so first-rate to peer human beings like that.”

Marian Berzon, of Marian Berzon skills agency, Costa Mesa:

“Glamour is the photograph that splendor tasks while form, timing, and self-assurance are in best balance. It`s a part of a woman`s sensuality that she helps you to see.”

Jo Ellen Qualls, VP of Tiffany & Co. at South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa:

“Glamour is quiet refinement. It`s a simplicity of line and fashionable adornment. It`s the overall reputation of your fashion, no matter what style dictates. Proof that glamour has a lower back after a brief detour has been visible on the Academy Awards display and at black-tie charity galas. You see smooth strains and a loss of feathers, sequins, and ostentatious costumes.

“The absence of glitter on apparel has brought about a resurgence of brooches, bangles, and different large-scale earrings to get dressed up easy nighttime gowns. The extra subdued models permit for adornment. It`s difficult to put on a diamond necklace while you`re protected with sequins. Clothes now no longer compete with jewelry.

“While the jewelry is glamorous, it`s now no longer gaudy. Many human beings need earrings with smooth strains and an unmarried stone, particularly easy diamond stud jewelry and solitaire pendants. Simplicity and timelessness are attractive to human beings. It`s very ton the appearance of the `40s.

“Barbra Streisand is glamour personified, together with her calm coiffure and her smooth fashion of getting dressed. She`s fashionable, understated, assured, and aware.”

Georgia Kaleb, director of the Fifth Avenue Club, a private purchasing provider at Saks Fifth Avenue in South Coast Plaza:

“Glamour continues to be around. There`s nonetheless drama. There are nonetheless activities to get dressed up with a bit little bit of costuming. It`s now no longer visible on each day foundation anymore, the manner it became while girls used to put on gloves, however, we nonetheless need color in our lives.

“While a fashionable cloth dresser is crucial, apparel on my own can`t make someone glamorous. It`s an experience of fashion. A glamorous individual has a sure air of secrecy approximately herself. You need to comply with the trends, however now no longer to extremes.

“Developing an excellent rapport with a cloth dresser representative or a sales clerk at a fave keep can assist domesticate a complete appearance. You’re prepared beautifully. You`re weekend-equipped, social-equipped, and travel-equipped.

“Accessories are regularly not noted as factors of glamour. That crucial piece of earrings, a hair decoration, or a top-notch purse makes the appearance complete.”

Tom Phillips, dress clothier at La Habra Depot Theater and Newport Theatre Arts Center:

“There are a few lovely degree portions that certainly display off style. Sometimes I get to layout for a glamorous character. Reno Sweeney in `Anything Goes` is a glamorous doll.

And all of the Noel Coward portions have glamour in them due to his writing and the term wherein glamour became in–from the late `20s till the `50s. glamourpeaks Even the `60s had its glamorous appeal. Jackie What is glamour

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