Theradbrad net worth

Theradbrad net worth

Theradbrad net worth American gamer TheRadBrad enjoys gambling the most up-to-date and maximum well-favored titles. He once in a while plays reactions to trailers and gameplay movies. According to Susan Wojcicki, YouTube`s CEO, Colburn is one of the platform`s “pinnacle gaming producers.” Since he have become a lively Youtuber in 2010, he has been wondered through several newspapers. Numerous media have applied pictures and visuals from his gameplay movies as examples of their writing.

YouTube Theradbrad net worth

Bradley commenced importing movies for YouTube in 2010 and theRadBrad`s first video walkthrough is “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” which he first of all uploaded while he became running part-time in Best Buy. Some of his maximum, not unusual place rates are:

“How convenient!”, “Just wanna say, `Welcome back!” and “I realize the way to crouch!”. As of June 2022, Bradley has 13.1 million subscribers with over five billion views. According to SocialBlade, Bradley earns everywhere between $five.9k to $94.3k in steps per month and $70.7k to $1.1 million in steps per year.

Instagram Theradbrad net worth

His Instagram handles is “tharadbrad”, and it presently has over 176k fans and 40,000 common likes. He in most cases posts snapshots of his dogs, assertion posts, selfies, snapshots from his life, promotional content material, and lots extra on his account.


Bradley does now no longer regularly flow on Twitch. However, he has 12.9k fans on Twitch with 35,124 channel views, consistent with SocialBlade. He streams comparable content material to what he finally ends up posting to YouTube.

Other Ventures

Bradley has a line of products that he sells on His products consist of a line of t-shirts that begin from $6 and pass all the manner up to $23.


Bradley has hundreds of thousands of fans on some of the social media structures he`s lively on and has collected approximately $nine million in internet worth. With that approach, he has many highly-priced assets. However, information concerning his purchases is unknown as he does now no longer screen a lot of facts approximately his personal life.

Q. How a lot does theRadBrad make a year?

A. theRadBrad is a well-favored YouTube channel with extra than 13.1 million subscribers. theRadBrad channel became based in 2006. Bradley`s annual earnings stages from $70.7k to $1.1m.

Q. Does TheRadBrad have a kid?

A. On March 31, 2020, Bradley tweeted, “Been protecting this in for an extended time, however, I`m going to be a father today! I can`t wait to keep my child female for the primary time. We named her Clementine, and yes, you could bet what stimulated that call. I can be a frightening wreck, however, I`m so rattling glad for today.”

Q. Why did theRadBrad call his daughter Clementine?

A. Bradley named his daughter Clementine after the principal person withinside the Walking Dead collection. The collection specializes in the person of Clementine, a younger female who is cared for through Lee Everett for the duration of the primary season and sooner or later travels through herself and glamourpeaks with different companies in later seasons after Lee sacrifices himself for her. Theradbrad net worth