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For-profit online university based in Glendale, California in Abraham Lincoln University. Since 1996 ALU has been a prominent fixture in Los Angeles, as one of California’s and the nation’s pioneering online law schools when it was founded. In California, ALU is the oldest online law school. With a law degree requirement for several careers, online law education prepares the student for several careers.


In 1996 ALU was founded by Hyung J. Park. In his office classes initially were held in a conference room.

As The Ashmun Institute was originally established, On April 29, 1854, Lincoln University received its charter from the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a Historically Black College and university making it the first degree-granting’s nation.

An eight president Lincoln first African American as Horace Mann Bond, 3, of his book so eloquently cites in the opening chapter, Education for freedom, for male youth of African descent in the world to provide higher education in the art and sciences the first.

Of the nineteenth century and to the ancestor of its founders the story of Lincoln University dates back to the early years, John Miller Dickey, his wife Sarah Emlen Creson.

In the city as early as 1794 to the education of Africa-Americans in Philadelphia the maternal grandfather of john Miller Dickey was a marble merchant who made contributors.

Of the Oxford Presbyterian Church Dickey’s father was a minister. In Georgia after serving as a missionary and preaching to the slaves, in Oxford John Miller Dickey became pastor of that same church in 1832.

In Philadelphia Sarah Emlen Cresson inherited a long tradition of service and philanthropy through society. In the American Colonization Society John Miller leading was active, by salve raiders from Maryland in 1851 took part who had been abducted from southern Chester Country in the court actions leading to a freeing of a young African girl.

At the same time, for a young named James Amos, to gain college admission to even the most liberal of schools having been unsuccessful in his efforts, for the ministry Dickey himself undertook to prepare the young.

On April 4, 1866, in honor of President Abraham Lincoln, the institution was re-named Lincoln University. At the same time, to enroll student Dickey then proposed to expand the college into a full-fledged university, every clime, and complexion.

In addition to the College of Liberal arts Law medical, pedagogical, and theoretical schools were planned in addition. In 1868 in the first baccalaureate class of six men students were encouraged to enroll and two graduated.

From the surrounding community, Lincoln University has attracted an interracial and international enrollment, since its inception, region around the world.

To women by amending its charter in 1953 to permit the granting of degree the university celebrated its 100th anniversary by amending. With the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a state-related in 1971, it formally associated.

In an undergraduate study in the arts, Lincoln is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and offers academic programs, in human services science as well as graduate programs, education, reading, mathematics, and administration.

In 1865 from among the first African American Congressional Medal of Honor recipients in U.S. Civil War veteran Christian Fleetwood, an 1860 graduate, in 2009 and 2010 to the first African American president Lincoln University and our alumni have garned, Dr. E.

In the nation Of African American physicians and more than 10 percent of the Africa America attorneys, Lincoln graduated approximately 20 percent, during their first 100 years.

Of prominent churches, our alumni have led more than 35 colleges and universities and scores. Also include U.S ambassadors; mission chiefs: federal, state, and municipal judges; and city managers.

Lincoln graduates continue to make names for themselves in business, science, religion, creative and entertainment fields as writers, law enforcement, and directors.

In their countries, many of Lincoln’s international graduates have become outstanding leaders, including the Azikiwe 30. Nigeria’s first president. Kwame Nkrumah 39 first president of Ghana.

The best University in California

The best University in California

General Info:

  1. Total FTE staff: 20
  2. Carnegie Classification: Not applicable, not in Carnegie university

Degree Offered:

  1. Bachelor Degree
  2. Doctorate Degrees
  3. Associate Degrees
  4. Master Degrees
  5. Diplomas & Certificates

Community involvement:

The Downtown Women’s Centre Abraham Lincoln University offers free law clinics to women in need of legal advice, in Los Angeles a homeless shelter. To help reduce recidivism rates these include a forth coming divorece clinic and an ongoing ex pungent clinic. To volunteer law, students are encouraged.


Including Practicing lawyers and legal professionals Abraham Lincoln University faculty.

Admissions requirement in LAU:

At Abraham Lincoln University has an open admission policy. Certificate of attendance or a high school diploma or a general educational development certificate the only requirements are.

What is the world rank in Lincoln University?


  1. The world rank of Lincoln University is 1369
  2. The national rank of Lincoln University 8

Is Lincoln a black college?

Lincoln University founded in 1954, it’s the nation’s first degree-granting Historically Black College and university, to lead their communities and change the world educate and empower students.

Is Lincoln University is a good college?

To earn the university national accolades Lincoln University’s reputation for excellence in scholarship and service continues. U.S News and World Report placed of the nation’s top 20 historically black colleges and universities.

Is Lincoln University d 1?

Athletics. in the NCAA as a Division II institution Lincoln University participates.

Is Lincoln University safe?

Of similar popular size compared to other communities, lower than the average Lincoln University has a noticeable crime rate. All across America, this means that for comparably sized cities, Than most according to NeighborhoosScout’s exclusive analysis of FBI crime data Lincoln University is safer.

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