Shredding cabbage with food processor

Shredding cabbage with food processor

Shredding cabbage with food processor Shredded cabbage is a beneficial factor while making salads, coleslaws, and tacos, simply to call a few. When shredded, it appears very much like shredded Brussels sprouts or lettuce. However, shredding cabbage is a chunk greater hard while doing it with a grater or knife.

I pick the use of a meals processor for shredding cabbage due to the fact it’s miles simpler and faster than the use of different opportunity methods. If you’re seeking out the way to shred cabbage in a meals processor, I will train you in that during this guide.

To Avoid Contaminated Pre-Shredded Cabbage

It is important to shred cabbage yourself. It`s tempting to shop for pre-shredded cabbage from the shop and keep yourself a touch time, however, you are additionally susceptible to getting infected cabbage in case you do that.

Toxin-generating microorganisms consisting of E. coli and Salmonella may unfold while meals are pre-chopped.

If you purchase shredded cabbage, you need to take a look at it to look if it changed into pre-packaged with the aid of using a good organization in preference of absolutely scooped up with the aid of using a worker seeking to keep a couple of minutes withinside the again room.


I do not know approximately you, however, I hate shopping for pre-shredded cabbage. It has sat on the shelf for who is aware of how lengthy, and it would not even close that lengthy for your refrigerator.

It is even much less tasty. I could as an alternative shred or slice cabbage at domestic. If you want to shop for an entire cabbage head, reduce it up and without difficulty shred cabbage with a meals processor. It is a lot tastier and cleans while you do it yourself.

Will Save you Money

Shredding your cabbage at domestic is a first-rate manner to keep money, in particular in case you pick a lower-priced meals processor. Buying a head of pre-shredded cabbage from the shop is greater expensive. The per-pound fee for shredded cabbage is better than an entire head of cabbage.

Shredding you’re personal additionally offers you greater flexibility to shop for extraordinary sizes of cabbage (see smaller meals processors). If you discover a bargain on small heads or massive heads of cabbage, you may shred it; you may purchase them.

Step with the aid of using Step Process of Shredding Cabbage in a Food Processor

There are numerous approaches to shredding cabbage, however, these days I will be cognizance of using a meals processor. This approach removes the want for a knife, which makes it a good deal simpler glamourpeaks to shred cabbage in massive amounts. Shredding cabbage with food processor