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Shred cabbage in food processor

Shred cabbage in food processor

Shred cabbage in food processor With the growing recognition of “taco Tuesday” and the significance of consuming healthy, sparkling meals, now`s a very good time to attention to recipes the use a sometimes-maligned member of the brassica family cabbage. Maybe you wrote off cabbage as a strong-smelling vegetable that can`t do a great deal inside the kitchen.

On the contrary — cabbage provides taste, texture, and vitamins to the entirety from condiments to fundamental dishes. Here`s the way to without difficulty shred cabbage in a meals processor, and all of the approaches make your meal prep easier.

What to recognize approximately cabbage

There are over four hundred unique styles of cabbage. The maximum, not unusual place cabbages — crimson and inexperienced cabbage — are the workhorses of the kitchen. They keep down your coleslaw and hold salads sparkling and crisp.

Other cabbages which might be proper to shred encompass Savoy cabbage, bok choy, and Brussels sprouts (yes, they`re withinside the cabbage family, too!). Cabbage is a cheaper and more nutritious vegetable. Depending on which range you choose, the taste profile works with a lot of unique cuisines and might upload texture and taste for your favored dishes.

While cabbage may be messy and time-ingesting to chop, the use of a meals processor to shred it takes seconds and cuts down considerably on cleanup time.

How to select the first-rate cabbage

For maximum cabbages, search for tightly packed leaves on a vegetable that feels heavy for its size. You would possibly discard the outer leaves, however, make certain there aren’t any symptoms and symptoms of deeper harm or rot.

Napa cabbage is at its first-rate whilst its leaves are vibrant and organized. Leave at the back of any Napa cabbage that has brown spots.

Why use a meal processor to shred cabbage?

You may want to use a pointy knife and a little staying power to create skinny ribbons of cabbage for soups, salads, and stir-fries, however shredding cabbage in a meals processor is fast, smooth, and offers you ideal shreds.

For recipes that use cooked cabbage, this indicates a fair cooking time. When the use of cabbage is raw, shredding cabbage in a meals processor method no person receives caught with oversized, unwieldy chunks which might be difficult to eat.

You are probably tempted to go together with bagged, pre-shredded cabbage in preference to messing with a meals processor. Freshly shredded cabbage is a better-tasting and extra lower-priced option. This is a large bonus, specifically if you`re feeding a crowd.

Finally, cleanup is a snap — sincerely rinse out the meals processor and its add-ons and dad them properly withinside the dishwasher.

What else are you able to shred in a meal processor?

Once you get the grasp of shredding cabbage in a meals processor, you`ll recognize how a great deal time it saves at some stage in meal prep.

A meals processor is for extra than simply shredding cabbage. You can shred any form of organized glamourpeaks vegetable or fruit which you would possibly usually use a container grater for. Shred cabbage in food processor

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