Osrs earth warrior

Osrs earth warrior

Osrs earth warrior

Osrs earth warrior The Earth Warriors Slayer assignment offers numerous demanding situations that make it unappealing. If you’ve got got a respectable degree and equipment, it is able to be a moneymaking assignment as they do award respectable XP. Due to positive necessities, a few gamers can also additionally select to bypass it. If you need to do it, there are some necessities which you want to preserve in mind. You need to now no longer assume first rate loot as they do now no longer drop whatever out of the ordinary. You can assume round three hundred to 350 GB in step with kill in drops value.

1 Inventory Osrs earth warrior

You want degree 15 agility to kill Earth warriors, to climb throughout a few monkey bars.

Melee equipment with top defenses. You need to continue to exist for so long as possible. Alternatively, you may move for a ranged setup, and in that case, excellent picks do now no longer count number all that lots.

One-click on teleport away, in case a few participant assaults you

Super set. You will want them to bump up your stats to lessen the time you want to spend in this assignment.

Osrs earth warrior
Osrs earth warrior

Food. Make positive you get a few meals to control your hit point.

Saradomin brew. This will show to be beneficial while handling your fitness in crucial situations. It additionally offers you extra hit factors briefly in case of PKers.

Location Osrs earth warrior

Earth Warriors may be discovered withinside the northeast of Edgeville Dungeon. The pleasant manner to get there’s to apply an Amulet of Glory which may be bought on the Grand Exchange.

Another choice is to get the Varrock Teleport, and from there, it’s far a brief stroll to the location. Once on the dungeon, you want to stroll south till you discover a entice door.

Once down, you need to undergo an underground place. Head north till you attain a room and undergo the door at the right.

Walk till you attain any other room wherein you may see any other door in order to lead you to the wilderness. Once out withinside the wilderness, stroll north and climb the monkey bars. You will discover a small place in that you Earth Warriors spawn.

How to Kill Earth Warriors

Earth Warriors are susceptible to all varieties of damage. You can kill them with a melee or ranged setup. You need to continue to exist with respectable equipment and consumables with out lots attempt as their max hit is 5.

Once your attain the place wherein they spawn, use your Super set and begin attacking them one with the aid of using one. They are smooth to kill and aren’t aggressive, which means you need to now no longer have trouble killing them. As a ranged, there are some spots withinside the place that you may safespot them glamourpeaks. Osrs earth warrior