Osrs ds2

Osrs ds2

Osrs ds2

Osrs ds2 Jonah is an authorized online game nerd who has been gambling endless titles on account that he first picked up a controller over a decade ago. One of his first gaming studies became Runescape, and these kind of years on he nonetheless regularly frequents Gielinor for a amusing new adventure. His different gaming loves are Valorant, Madden, Crusader Kings and KOTOR
Dragon Slayer 2 is the sequel quest to the notorious Dragon Slayer quest. While the unique is a free-to-play quest, the sequel isn’t and as such best participants can whole it. The quest is lengthy and taken into consideration to be one of the hardest, however each the lore and the rewards are excellent.

Background Osrs ds2

While finishing the search it’s far vital to apprehend the lore at the back of it and what the scenario is as you start the search. Obviously in case you don`t care approximately the tale and absolutely need the rewards you don’t have any want for this section.

Crandor became as soon as domestic to a strong and vital town off the coast of Karamja. It became an influential seafaring town with a volcano on the center of the island.One day, the town got here below the assault of the dragon that lived withinside the volcano, Elvarg, and the whole town became destroyed. Only 3 survived the dragons attack at the island, the wizards Thalzar, Lozar, and Melzar.

Requirements Osrs ds2

This quest has a few very excessive degree necessities and the participant will want large questing revel in that allows you to start.

The mythical adventure starts offevolved on the Myths Guild. Talk to the character out of doors approximately becoming a member of and he’ll direct you to speak to Dallas Jones. Jones will need your help in investigating Elvarg, the villain in Dragon Slayer 1.

Upon analyzing the mural a degree a hundred spawn will pop out of a close-by egg. Once you defeat it look into the mural once more and you may note the phrase Lithkren. Jones recollects a constructing on fossil island that referred to Lithkren and asks you to satisfy him there.

Osrs ds2
Osrs ds2

House On The Hill

The House at the Hill is a former dragonkin fortress. Your undertaking withinside the residence could be to rebuild a map of Fossil Island. The map portions are scattered across the House and there are 24 of them.

five are withinside the chest at the identical ground as you,

3 are withinside the chest at the pinnacle ground, seven are withinside the briar at the back of the residence, 5 are withinside the mushtree east of the residence, and 4 are withinside the fungi subsequent to the staircase.

Once you gather the portions and deliver them to Dallas you may want to transport the portions round till they invent a legible map. After this you may assemble a ship to get to Lithkren.

Talk to Jardric to accumulate a ship and you’ll be advised to construct one yourself. Acquire 8 oak planks, 10 swamp paste, and 12 nails that allows you to assemble it. Head west of the Mushroom Forest to assemble your rowboat.


Once you’ve got got finished your boat, board it and traverse to the island of Lithkren. Head north and climb the steps to discover a trapdoor and climb down. Dallas could be at the lowest looking to open a couple of dorms.

By looking a burnt skeleton close by you may discover a clue to open the door. Your subsequent undertaking could be to discover Bob the Cat, who’s Robert the Strong reincarnated.

Bob The Cat

Bob is a wandering soul, so locating him can also additionally show difficult. If you’ve got got your catspeak amulet(e) you could make use of the dial to discover the route Bob is in. Alternatively, you can stand via way of means of the anvils in West Varrock and hop worlds till you spot him.

Once you discover him you ask approximately his beyond existence as Robert the Strong, which he has no recollection of. Take Bob to Sophanem to talk to the Sphinx. The Sphinx will inform the participant that they can’t help, however fortunately the participant met any individual else of their adventures who can help.

The Oneiromancer on Lunar isle is the important thing to restoring Bobs memories.

Robert The Strong

Travel to Lunar Isle and discover the Oneiromancer. Create a dream potion and mild the brazier west of the Oneiromancer earlier than pouring the dream potion on it.Inside the dream you may struggle Robert the Strong, a degree 224 ranger glamourpeaks . Osrs ds2