Osrs dream mentor

Osrs dream mentor

Osrs dream mentor

Osrs dream mentor   In the hunt you’ll meet an adventurer at Lunar Isle named Cyrisus who suffers with worry and doubt, you’ll assist him triumph over this with the aid of using coming into his desires and dealing with the manifestations of his conditions. The legit quest duration is brief to medium and the issue is master. This quest incorporates a number of the extra tough fight you’ll come across in OSRS quests, and turned into the primary OSRS quest to characteristic a fight stage requirement instead of character ability necessities which additionally manner you may combat him with one-of-a-kind fight styles.

Dream Mentor is a quest this is a part of the Fremennik quest series

The quest necessities for this quest are as follows: Lunar Diplomacy, The Fremennik Trials, Lost City, Rune Mysteries, Shilo Village, Jungle Potion, Druidic Ritual, Eadgar`s Ruse, Troll Stronghold, Death Plateau. The gadgets required are: A seal of passage, three Different forms of meals (6 of the primary type, then 7 of the closing 2), An astral rune, A tinderbox, A hammer, A pestle and mortar and an awesome weapon to defeat the enemies (no prayers are allowed whilst combating the monsters withinside the adventurers desires.

Travel to Lunar Isle with the seal of passage equiped

and head to the north-east cave entrance, interior you’ll discover a fallen guy named Cyrisus. You will want to assist the fallen guy get better with the aid of using giving him meals, beginning with an object of meals you’ve got got 7 of and maintain providing a one-of-a-kind meals object every time. Occasionally you’ll want to speak to him and supply him fine responses to his questions, maintain going via this manner till he sits up after which ultimately stands up. Next you’ll want to get armour for him, visit the Lunar Isle financial institution, talk to the banker Birds-Eye Jack to get entry to Cyrisus’ financial institution. Select gadgets to fill every of the to be had slots in his chest, it could take trial and mistakess to get correct, when you have the extent sixty seven lunar spell NPC contact. you may ask Cyrisus if the gadgets are correct, as a way to keep time. Once he has 100% reputation in all regions you may depart the mine and journey with him to the Oneiromancer.

Osrs dream mentor
Osrs dream mentor

The Oneiromancer is withinside the south-east Osrs dream mentor

of the island close to the astral altar. When you talk to her Cryisus will seem along you, she can be able to endorse going into his desires to assist his fears. You will want a potion to go into his desires. She will provide you with a dream vial that you need to fill with water, you’ll then want a few goutweed,

which may be acquired both with the aid of using developing a gout tuber requiring 29 farming or with the aid of using stealing it from the trolls kitchen which you entered all through the Eadgar’s Ruse quest (in case you are the use of this approach it is advocated to get some because it might be wanted for the Dragon Slayer II ques. Use the goutweed at the vial, after that use a hammer at the astral rune and use a pestle and mortar at the result, ultimately upload the beaten astral rune at the vial to create the dream potion.

The very last and maximum tough a part of the hunt are the battles withinside the dream world. The combat incorporates 4 monsters of lowering difficulty, it is in an example so that you have to live and defeat all 3 of them earlier than leaving. Also due to the fact it is a example you’ll lose any unprotected gadgets on demise and can’t retrieve them. Prayer isn’t allowed. The 2nd boss is made plenty less difficult with the aid of using the use of a halberd to safespot with, so carry both a rune or dragon halberd with you. Other than than that any right melee fight equipment you’ve got got, the dragon dagger is suggested for the primary boss because of it is sturdy stats and spec attack. The 2nd and 0.33 bosses may be fought maximum efficiently with magic, along with with the aid of using the use of the trident of seas or iban blast.

Head lower back to the primary a part of Lunar Isle Osrs dream mentor

, equipment up, remembering your dream potion and passage of seal (which have to continually be equiped or you’ll be kicked from Lunar Isle) together with your fight equipment and right meals. Go to the dream corridor that is the big constructing withinside the west. Once you’re equipped mild the brazier the use of the tinderbox you may quick financial institution the tinderbox if you die in case you wish) and you may input the dream world.

In the northern a part of the room there’s a lectern which you may use to quick break out in case you wish. The first monster you’ll face is called “The Inadequacy” that is fight stage 343 and with the aid of using a long way the toughest of the monsters, do not be alarmed in case you use maximum of your meals combating this one monster. If you are not enticing this monster in melee he can hit you tough with magic hits so make certain you confront him quick.

He will spawn stage seventy eight monsters called

“A Doubt”, make certain you’ve got got auto-retaliate off and maintain transferring round and attacking the primary monster. Avoid combating his spawns as they do not want to be defeated, even though they are able to they may be a piece disturbing you need to be capable of outrun them. All fight styles, magic and ranged paintings nicely once more this primary monster, a b-pipe may want to end him mainly fast. He can’t be poisoned so that you can simply use a preferred dragon dagger, specifically for its spec attack. This monster may be pretty tough, and might take a few tries to get the proper approach to defeat, in case you assume you’ll run out of meals earlier than defeating it it is higher to depart, restock and are available lower back instead of hazard your gadgets glamourpeaks  .Osrs dream mentor