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Osrs dragon defender

Osrs dragon defender

Osrs dragon defender

Osrs dragon defender The object is important for PVM and volatile PVP gamers due to the fact it may offer a tactical advantage. After studying this guide, you`ll have all of the know-how approximately the protective weapon and the way to acquire it. Also, you`ll realize the way to create the Avernic Defender, that’s the satisfactory protective weapon withinside the game.

What Is The Dragon Defender?

The Dragon Defender is an off-hand weapon on the way to assist in a couple of fight situations. It affords blessings in all classes and might put off the want to apply a shield. The protective stats may be as compared to an Adamant Square Shield with minor differences. Also, its energy bonuses are a long way higher than the Dragonfire Shield, because of this that you`ll do appreciably greater harm with the Defender.

How To Get The Dragon Defender

Before gamers get a threat to get hold of a Dragon Defender, they need to whole a minigame that calls for them to kill Cyclopes. Thankfully, the minigame is quite simple to understand, and gamers can acquire defenders inside 4-6 hours, relying on RNG.

During the minigame, you may must input a room and kill Cyclopes in hopes of Defender drops. Once you got the primary Defender, make certain to equip it in order that the creatures will drop the subsequent tier. At first, you may start with the bottom tier, that’s the Bronze Defender. Players can handiest get hold of the subsequent tier Defender drop and can’t bypass brackets. For example, in case you wield a Mithril Defender, the Cyclopes will handiest drop an Adamant and former tier Defenders.

Osrs dragon defender
Osrs dragon defender

Location Osrs dragon defender

The Cyclopes are positioned withinside the Warriors` Guild. It`s a big constructing West of Burthorpe that has loads of fight-primarily based totally activities. When gamers carry out properly doing the minigames, they may earn Warrior Guild Tokens. These are used to advantage access to the pinnacle ground and basement to kill Cyclopes.

The Warriors` Guild calls for gamers to have a mixed degree of a hundred thirty in Strength and Attack. However, having degree ninety nine in both ability will supply get admission to inside. The satisfactory techniques of having to the guild are:

Combat Bracelet: Teleports gamers immediately out of doors of the Warriors` Guild.

To advantage get admission to to the Cyclopes, you`ll want to have lots of Warrior Guild Tokens. These are won with the aid of using finishing and getting excessive marks withinside the guild`s minigames. Once you’ve got got enough tokens, communicate to Kamfreena, who will permit you to cross withinside the room packed with Cyclopes.

Entry of the room calls for no less than a hundred Warrior Guild Tokens. 10 Tokens will cross in the direction of the value of going in, after which 10 tokens consistent with minute you’re inside. If gamers run out of tokens at the same time as withinside the room, Kamfreena will offer a caution to leave. If gamers determine to live longer, they may be teleported out inside a minute.

Minigames Osrs dragon defender

Before killing cyclopes, you`ll want to finish some minigames in the guild to earn tokens. Preferably you`ll need to do a minigame which you discover a laugh and exciting so that you won`t burn out. Here are all of the minigames the Warriors` Guild has to offer:

Animation Room

The animation room is withinside the Southwestern room of the guild`s entrance. This room is one of the satisfactory for receiving tokens due to the fact it`s extraordinarily easy to do. Players need to carry complete units of metallic armor like Bronze or Rune. To begin the minigame, click on at the animation gadget with the total set of armor on your inventory.

The armor will come to lifestyles and begin attacking you. After defeating the lively armor, gamers can select out up the armor with tokens and restart the minigame. Higher tier armor might be a good deal tougher to defeat however will offer greater tokens. Also, lively armor units are resistant to Ranged and Magic attacks.


However, at the same time as doing this strategy, it`s feasible that the lively armor will now no longer drop all of the portions. Therefore, you ought to carry a couple of units of armor you`d want to defeat. The maximum green armor kind is Black due to the fact its portions by no means break. Also, they’ve the satisfactory token to Hitpoint ratio.

Dummy Room

The dummy room is at the 1st ground Northwestern of the entrance. There aren’t anyt any fight necessities to start this minigame.However,it`s encouraged to carry all attack-fashion uns which can be outstanding for stab, slash, crush, accurate, aggressive,protective glamourpeaks   Osrs dragon defender

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