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Osrs ankou

Osrs ankou

Osrs ankou

Osrs ankou I`m very a whole lot a believer in #noexpwaste. But developing up, it become tough to gain the ones Gielinor profits at faculty (During pc lab or take a look at hall, of course). Both my center and excessive faculty banned the internet site. The boys usually controlled to discover a new proxy internet site to get across the ban, however a few loudmouth usually ended up getting the proxies close down earlier than lengthy. It took me till my senior 12 months earlier than I found out I ought to down load the Runescape consumer onto a USB and play it that way.

You will get hold of Ankou assignments as mid-degree Slayer responsibilities quite often. You can get hold of Ankou Slayer responsibilities from Vannaka, Nieve/Steve, Krystilia, Duradel, and Konar.

Where Can I Find Ankou`s In OSRS?

There are 5 places throughout Runescape in which you could discover Ankous.

Stronghold Of Security: Sepulchre Of Death

Ankou`s are living on the lowest ground of the Stronghold of Security. The Stronghold is withinside the middle of Barbarian Village, south of Edgeville, East of Falador, and West of Varrock. If you’ve got got a Skull Sceptre, you could teleport directly there.

To attain the lowest ground of the Stronghold, you`ll want to development via the primary 3 degrees via way of means of passing via gates and answering safety questions. These questions are easy with not unusualplace experience solutions approximately account safety, like don`t supply out your password or click on on suspicious e mail links.

The Stronghold of Security is the great area to safespot Ankous.

After completing the Stronghold for the primary time, you may advantage get entry to to degree portals. There are located withinside the first room of every degree and distort you to the very last chamber. From there, climb right all the way down to the Sepulchre of Death till you attain the Ankous.

You will discover Ankou`s in 3 unique chambers down right here. The southwest chamber of the Sepulchre of Death is the great area in case you need to secure spot Ankous. There`s a secure spot in the back of a collection of skeletons as quickly as you input the chamber.

Osrs ankou
Osrs ankou

The Forgotten Cemetery Osrs ankou

If you’ve got got as a minimum 60% Arceuus favor, seventy one Magic, and feature get entry to to the Arceuus spellbook, you could use the Cemetery teleport to warp directly right here. If you`ve finished Desert Treasure, have sixty eight Magic, and get entry to to the Ancient Magicks spellbook, you could use the Dareeyak Teleport spell. It will delivery you approximately 7 Wilderness degrees south of the Forgotten Cemetery. If you could`t use both of these teleports, you could use the Burning amulet to bypass a number of the on foot distance. You can teleport to the Bandit Camp or Lava Maze and stroll northwest or southwest to attain the Forbidden Cemetery.

You can use the distance in the back of the coffin withinside the southwest a part of the Cemetery as a secure spot. Be cautious considering the fact that that is a Wilderness area, and you could run into PKs. You will once in a while slip into Level 31 Wilderness, in which you won`t be capable of teleport.

The Forgotten Cemetery is the correct call for this area, as it`s a in large part forgotten relic of Runescape. Killing an Ankou withinside the Wilderness is a medium challenge for the Wilderness Diary, so there`s that as a minimum.

Stronghold Slayer Dungeon Osrs ankou

Located underneath the Tree Gnome Stronghold, you could get right here speedy and effortlessly via way of means of the usage of a Slayer ring. Once withinside the dungeon, head to the a ways east to discover a cove of Ankous.

The Stronghold Slayer Cave is extraordinary for Cannon blasting Ankous.

The Stronghold Slayer Dungeon is the best non-Wilderness area in which you could kill Ankou`s the usage of a Dwarf Multicannon. If you need to get an Ankou Slayer challenge over with thoroughly and speedy, the Stronghold Slayer Dungeon is your great option. Osrs ankou

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