Moon baboon | All you need to know about it

Moon Baboon has brown fur and, a mandrill-like, on his face he has blue and red markings. With yellow cuffs and buttons, he wears an orange jumpsuit.

On both of his arms and on with his name on his chest Moon baboon has two patches with pictures of rockets.

On the back with his name printed he also wears a white pack.

The personality of Moon Baboon

Towards rose Moon Baboon is extremely protective, with him anymore even though she does not play. To great lengths to help be happy he cares deeply about rose and will go and ensure nobody harms her.

Biography of Moon Baboon

moon baboon

moon baboon

Background of Moon Baboon

During a trip to the space by May, Moon Baboon was handpicked by Rose and purchased.

With Moon Baboon Rose and May used to play and for unknown reasons all of the roses other space toys Rose and May used to play with Moon baboons.

At some points, to help her in his attempts moon baboons secretly started monitoring Rose and tracking them.

It Takes Two

May and Cody finally reach their house during the time, on a couch May’s body rest when Rose enters the room.

What happened unaware, in her room Rose shows her mother how she found Moon Baboon and wonders again as they used to if they could play together.

However, at the time since May’s mind was elsewhere, unresponsive r body’s remained.

May and Cody enter the room, to get some of her tears they traverse a pillow fort to reach her, to their original bodies which they believe will return them.

Of them Unbeknownst to wither, they had about getting Rose’s tears Moon baboon was switching from afar and record a conversation.

To video game system May and Cody eventually come upon a strange barrier connected and realize to hack system they need to play and open the way forward.

At first, with the hacking May and Cody make progress. A counter hack and wins until Moon and Baboon initiate.

To abduct May and Cody Moon Baboon then proceeds using his sword a tractor beam and takes the both of them up.

How to defeat the Moon Baboon?

Phase one 

Inside of a flying UFO Moon Baboon will begin during the first phase of this fight. At random at one of the players, he will start firing lasers, so you need to start trying to avoid the attack on whoever is being attacked.

Of the arena on the floor, the other player should begin searching around for a button, out of the ground to make a nearby pylon raise which should be stood on make a nearby option.

To the baboon to deal damage, the laser should guide the laser to this pylon once this happens the player is being chased.

To be dodged at both players will after dealing damage to the baboon a series of lasers will start being launched.

As well around the arena the Baboon will fire rockets at the players. To make it to the new phase the process will need to be completed a couple of more times.

Phase 2

Of laser at the players during the second phase, the boss will fire rockets. on the ground and be jumped on players will need to avoid rockets until they eventually land harmlessly.

To the boss to deal damage at Moon Baboon, they can then ride the rocket directly. Until the boss loses another third of health repeat this process.

Phase 3

The Eject button to run around inside of the UFO to try and locate the final phase of the fight has Cody shrinking down.

To reach the big red button the players will need to avoid electric walls and lasers, to launch the Baboon out then ground pound.

Out at her of the Attack, the moon baboon is throwing all the while though May will need to run around the arena.

Once Cody is successful, the turret of the ship and Cody will man May will take control.

At the Moon Baboon while Cody lines up a perfect laser shot all must happen now is many just needs to maneuver the ship.


To be Rose’s best friend Moon Baboon claims, Cutie the Elephant claims which is the same thing.


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Final words

I have discussed with details on the topic covering Moon Baboon all you need to know about it with complete details is bio personality and how to defeat it a complete guide on Moon Baboon.

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