Martin actress Campbell

Martin actress Campbell

Martin actress Campbell Actress Tisha Campbell shared on Instagram that she believed she became nearly taken with the aid of using human traffickers.

Campbell, 53, who rose to reputation withinside the hit `90s sitcom Martin, took to Instagram on Friday to proportion her enjoyment in a video she firstly despatched to her brother, after which determined to proportion with the public.

“Don’t freak out, however, I assume I nearly were given snatched up,”

Campbell shared. Dressed in a black Adidas zip-up and a black hat that read “You Go Girl,” the big name defined withinside the minute-lengthy video how she located herself withinside the terrifying state of affairs at the same time as the area to movie a movie.

“They do not have Ubers in which I’m filming, so I had to name a taxi. The van that draws up is sketchy-looking. There’s a man withinside the backseat. When he jumps out, the man is simply status there. He goes, ‘get in.'”

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Campbell stated she peered into the matted van and observed the backseat seemed to find it irresistible has been removed, and it became dirty, with numerous portions in disarray. “The driving force goes, ‘get withinside the car.’ I go, ‘I’m now no longer getting withinside the car.

‘ The man withinside the again is motioning his frame toward me to get withinside the car.” When the person advised her to get withinside the front seat, Campbell responded, “I’m now no longer getting withinside

While Campbell did now no longer proportion in which the incident took place, TMZ said it occurred in Brownsville, Texas, approximately 10 mins from the Mexican border.

“Yo, this trafficking s is actual, however, they were given me f up,” Campbell shared, reputedly in disbelief. She concluded the video with the aid of using saying “I ain’t Gina, bitch,” referencing her well-known individual from Martin.

Campbell later defined how critical it’s far to be privy to your environment

“I felt it critical for [people] to be aware. I want for EVERYONE to be overly aware of themselves and their cherished ones,” she captioned the post, including that she became most effectively privy to what to appear out for due to the fact she has been cautioned with the aid of using pals and colleagues. She stated if she wasn’t so glamourpeaks knowledgeable approximately the dangers of human trafficking, “s*** would`ve been actually different. PLUS I don`t sound like I appearance.” Martin actress Campbell