How to glamour ffxiv

How to glamour ffxiv

How to glamour ffxiv As you play Final Fantasy 14, you`ll unencumber the capacity to get dressed your man or woman up, even as additionally preserving the best stats of excessive degree tools. This is known as glamour.

In this FFXIV guide, we`ll speak approximately the way to unencumber glamour, the way to dye tools, and the way to fancy up your tools in several ways, the usage of the glamour cloth cabinet and plates to automate your style to a click on of 1 button.


Glamouring lets you apply glamour prisms to challenge the advent of a chunk of the device over the device you`re wearing, with a few limitations.

The tools you need to apply the advent of must be on the equal or a decreased degree than yours, and it needs to be for the equal elegance or job. (So no, you can not trick any person into wondering you`re a degree eighty Dragoon, while you`re absolutely a degree 30 White Mage.)

To unencumber the capacity to glamour, you want to be at least degree 15 and be ways sufficient withinside the predominant situation quests to get entry to Western Thanalan. In Vesper Bay, you`ll discover a girl NPC with an eccentrically colored outfit named Swyrgeim, who will come up with the quest “If I Had a Glamour.”

Once you do this, you`ll be capable of using the Glamour skill, discovered withinside the preferred tab of your moves and tendencies window.


You can manually glamour unmarried gadgets through the usage of the Cast Glamour skill. You can get entry to that from the moves and tendencies menu, or you may open your man or woman menu and properly click on the tools you need to glamour and click on “solid glamour.” Casting glamour prices one glamour prism according to the object.


You can discover glamour dressers and armoires at every lodge withinside the predominant towns Ul`dah, Limsa Lominsa, New Gridania, Ishgard, Kugane, and the Crystarium. You also can discover them inner your Grand Company barracks.

Putting an object into the cloth cabinet prices one glamour prism.

The glamour cloth cabinet, which can maintain as many as four hundred gadgets, is wherein you may place gadgets you need to apply in your outfits.

Gear from events, in addition to a few different particular tools, can pass into the armoire, which enables you to store a few areas on your cloth cabinet.

Using the cloth cabinet, you may make glamour plates, which let you solid glamour for a whole outfit at once, instead of one through one. Using a plate does now no longer price any prisms.

After putting the plate up in a cloth cabinet, you may get entry to your plates at any time out of your man or woman menu to solid them. However, you may handiest solid glamour plates while you`re in a city.

A screenshot displaying off wherein to discover the glamour plate button to your man or woman display You also can hyperlink glamour plates to object units, which lets in for a few greater fancy tools set making.

By doing this, even in case your Paladin and Gunbreaker proportion the equal tools, you may provide them with specific appears so that they will mechanically replace while you turn to that object set, so long as you`re in a town.

A screenshot of the man or woman display with the tools units menu opened, displaying the way to assign glamour plates to a tools set
To do so, pick the tools set button, the tools set you to need to hyperlink, and “hyperlink to glamour plate.”


To unencumber the capacity to dye, speak to Swyrgeim, the equal NPC who unlocked glamour. Once you entire the quest “Color Your World,” you`ll be capable of dye tools.

You can get dyes from vendors, from crafting them from pigments, and from several different means. You can use it by choosing the tools out of your glamourpeaks armory or man or woman display. Manually dyeing your tools will price one dye according to the dye job. How to glamour ffxiv