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Google Gravity is today’s topic. To entertain us there are so many fun things that Google can do. Many of these things we don’t know. For some time Google came with a Thomas click that erased half of the Google content. What is Google gravity and how does it activate on your smartphones: In this article, I will discuss with details about Google gravity.

What is a Google Gravity?

Of the several tricks that google can carry out Google gravity. Of the Google homepage, this is a function that takes control. To see the content this application will allow is like a search bar, the otter options, buttons, languages and do a free fall. In short, due to the gravity everything on Google will appear to be falling down.

Laugh little programs like these are created so that the people visiting Google. Any critical information, food joints, locations, clothing brands, and whatnot, Google not only helps its viewers to perform numerous activities. With some fun, it is the only fair for Google to provide its uses. But, some of you have wondered about odes the Google Gravity harm your Device?

Google Gravity

Google Gravity

NO, by any means these web programs are completely safe and will not damage that device.

Google Gravity how do you activate?

To use Google Gravity there is no app. Through your browser, you can access this feature. On your Phone following are the easy steps to activate Google Gravity.

Step 1:

O your Phone opens the web browser that you normally use. Like, Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, which you prefer, or any other browser.

Step 2:

Once the browser is open, of the open browser on the top tape in the URL panel located. To this, there is no shortcut. To the Google Search homepage, you will have to go all out.

Step 3:

On your device when the Google homepage is open, open the search panel ten types google gravity to wait for a moment when you click on the search button.

Step 4:

On the search button instead of clicking, I’m feeling lucky to click on that button. In action, you will see the gravity google trick as soon as you click on that.

Step 5:

Now that all is set and done, either the fun gravity trick spends your time playing with. Let your content float too far don’t worry about the gravity trick.

Development of Google Gravity:

By the developer’s Google gravity is just a trick prepared, one trick it is not only; in this article, there are various tricks.

By googling on some pre-defined algorithms set Google gravity is a JavaScript-based search engine that has to 2009 Google developed, from the google page for some reasons google remove it, but now that the help of the third party you can use it or Google directly.

On your computer open your desktop browser:

As discussed, for this google gravity trick we don’t have any separate app. It though your desktop browsers the only way you can access it. Any browser you can use, for example, chrome, opera, firefox, and safari.

Also, the JavaScript environment makes sure these browsers should accept. Only under JavaScript-enabled browser environment the reason for this is google gravity runs or operates – by default nowadays most of the browsers enables JavaScript no need to think more about this.

Then type

For java-enabled browser as soon as you completed checking the browser let’s move on the browser to the address bar and type go to the main page of Google.

When you search Google gravity what happened?

Due to the gravitational pull, everything that you see on Google will appear to fall down. With the amazing effects, you can also try to search for something and enjoy it.


Some amazing google tricks your colleagues/friends are

  1. A Barrel Roll does
  2. Zerg Rush
  3. Atari Breakout
  4. Askew/Tilt

What is the use of Google Gravity?

Of the original Google homepage, it is just a duplicate copy where you can only play with this Google gravity with the icons and fun time. On this homepage, you can also search, in a standard way but results are not shown.

What is Google underwater?

An underwater street on World Oceans Day 8 June Google released a street view program that pointed out underwater photography as part. Marine street-view oceans page we can access these here.

Final words

Google’s gravity all you need to know about it with complete details here in this article so learn more here on topic Google’s gravity if you want to see more then visit our website 

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