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Getsu fuma

Getsu fuma

Getsu fuma

Getsu fuma The gameplay capabilities each side-scrolling and “3D” (third-character, behind-the-shoulder) segments, in addition to open-global exploration.

It additionally capabilities hack & decrease, real-time fight, in each the side-scrolling and third-character segments, making it the earliest instance of third-character hack & decrease fight. In the third-character dungeons.

At the time of the sport`s launch, there has been a debate as to whether or not Getsu Fuuma Den became inspired through Namco’s sport Genpei

Toumaden; on the time Konami vigorously denied it, however years later the manufacturer of the sport admitted it became inspired through Genpei Toumaden in a Dorimaga interview.

In Castlevania:

Harmony of Despair, there has been a whole level primarily based totally round Getsu Fuuma Den launched as downloadable content. Also launched became Getsu Fuma (sic) as a playable individual.

The level, titled The Legend of Fuma, is priced at 240 Microsoft points ($3.00), even as the individual is priced at one hundred sixty Microsoft points ($2.00).


Getsu Fuuma Den has heavy “adventure” factors; the participant actions Fuuma round on a global map to go into the numerous hellish locations he need to byskip thru on his adventure to reclaim his own circle of relatives’s misplaced heirloom and to defeat the overlord of the demons, Ryuukotsuki.

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The side-scrolling quantities of the sport are easy to control: Fuuma can flow left or proper, soar, and attack. Enemies that collide with Fuuma will expend his lifestyles in a normal fashion.

Other quantities of the sport are from a form of third-character view: In those components, Fuuma need to navigate maze-like corridors to attain one in every of any variety of objectives

Getsu fuma
Getsu fuma

The mamoridaiko.

Many gadgets may be picked up Fuuma’s quest to resource him on his adventure. These are gadgets which might be utilized in battle.

Soul: Getsu fuma

These are dropped through a few enemies withinside the side-scrolling degrees. They boom Fuuma’s lifestyles; the quantity relies upon at the enemy.

Gold bag: Getsu fuma

These too are dropped through a few enemies withinside the side-scrolling degrees. The quantity of gold acquired for a pickup relies upon at the enemy.

Straw Man:

A uncommon object withinside the side-scrolling quantities, it offers the participant a further lifestyles.

Noroi no bakuyaku:

Cursed explosives. When used, it splits in to several “bursts” that journey alongside surfaces.

Charm: Temporarily increases protection while used. It is ate up with use.

The protagonist, he’s a heroic swordsman who’s in reality a demigod in nature. He has a walking velocity of over 60 km/h ( a bit below forty miles an hour) and may without problems elevate over a hundred and eighty kg (round four hundred pounds).


The demon lord. He killed Fuuma’s brothers and stole the Hadouken from them, the best sword lethal sufficient to damage him.

He has fragmented the hadouken and hidden the components in numerous places below the safety of his pinnacle minions.Getsu fuma

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