David otunga net worth

David otunga net worth

David otunga net worth David Otunga is a retired wrestler and actor from the WWE franchise. He becomes a part of The Nexus and the best member to be a gift from the very beginning.

The Nexus become a set of expert wrestlers that made a large effect in WWE. During David`s time in WWE, he has become a -time WWE Tag Team Champion.

As of November 2022, David Otunga`s internet well-worth is envisioned to be $10 Million.

David Otunga Facts David otunga net worth

David become knowledgeable at an Ivy League faculty and graduated in 2021 with a bachelor`s diploma in psychology.
He additionally earned his regulation diploma at Harvard in 2006.
David has 7 years of expert wrestling beneath neath his belt and retired in 2015.

Having retired from the hoop, David presently works as a commentator for WWE.

He is a prison consultant to his companions in wrestling, assisting more than one wrestler to record proceedings in opposition to the leader working officer of WWE, Triple H.

David isn’t the best wrestler however additionally an actor, with many movie appearances.

Early Life David otunga net worth

David Otunga become born on 7 April 1980, in Elgin, Illinois. His father, Moses, is Kenyan and his mother, Billie, is American. Both his mother and father had been formerly teachers.

He has sisters, Lisha and Lisi.

David has an excellent academic background. After graduating from Larkin High School in 1998, he went directly to earn a bachelor`s diploma in psychology at the same time as attending the University of Illinois.

David, later, graduated from Harvard Law School and joined an American regulation firm, Sidley Austin. He reportedly labored at Sidley Austin for two years between 2005 and 2007.


David`s tv profession commenced when his niece determined to ship in his audition tape. On the power of the tape, he become selected to be a contestant in “I Love New York 2”.

After his first look, he become hooked and went on to behave in different films, such as “The Call” and the famous TV series, General Hospital.

In 2008, Otunga mixed his passions, wrestling, and performing. He negotiated an improvement settlement with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). He become assigned to the ever-famous improvement territory, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). He debuted on the twenty-ninth of May 2009 while he gained a six-guy tag crew match.

On the sixteenth of February 2010, it become introduced that David might be wrestling withinside the first season of NXT. After struggling with a defeat on an episode of NXT on the twenty-third of February, David becomes frustrated, having misplaced due to interference from his opponent`s mentor.

Despite those frustrations, he becomes quickly goes back to wreak vengeance. And on 30 March, he gained an eight-guy war royal, taking place to grow to be a visitor host on Raw quickly after.

On Raw, Otunga`s NXT crew destroyed the area and attacked the General Manager, Bret Hart, after he refused to hand over their contracts.

The sad organization become renamed The Nexus. They had a feud in opposition to John Cena and Raw in general. However, John Cena joined forces with the Nexus because of his defeat via way of means of Barrett at “Hell in a Cell”.

David Otunga and John Cena went directly to win the WWE Tag Team Championship on the twenty-fourth of October.

David made a look over again while he teamed up with Michael McGillicutty and gained the WWE Tag Team Championship. On the first of August, an episode become aired, pronouncing the quit of the New Nexus.

He was withinside the ring with Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, and some of the richest wrestlers withinside the international, popping out on the pinnacle many times.

After some extra wrestling appearances, David retired from the hoop and become employed as a commentator with WWE`s remark crew. His legit Instagram account gives perception into his new profession and performing life.

David Otunga`s Career Earnings

Having commenced out so well, it`s no marvel that David Otunga has a lot of cash from wrestling. But extra than that, he`s been a success as an actor as well, which has bumped up his income substantially.

Here`s an envisioned evaluation of David Otunga`s annual earnings:

David Otunga`s Net Worth Annually

Top wrestlers earn great expenses for their appearances, with the exceptional ones getting annual contracts in addition to bonuses and endorsement expenses. David has delivered performing to his repertoire, which means that his earnings are a whole lot extra huge than most.

Personal Life

David married the famous singer and actress, Jennifer Hudson, withinside the fall of 2008. After best understanding her for 7 months, David proposed to her on her twenty-seventh birthday. Jennifer went on to present delivery to a son, David Daniel Otunga JR.

After a decade of being together, the 2 had been divorced following allegations of home violence. Jennifer took out protecting orders in opposition to David, stopping him from touring unannounced.

Despite the legalities, David is their circle of relatives-oriented guy and takes a break day while his circle of relatives is in need.

David become there for his circle of relatives while Jennifer Hudson`s mother, brother, and nephew had been brutally murdered in a jealous rage via way of means of William Balfour.

Awards & Achievements

David is intelligent, especially as a professional athlete. This has allowed him to gain achievement in the bodily risky international of expert wrestling without succumbing to extreme injury.

He ceases at the same time as he becomes beforehand and keeps serving his lovers glamourpeaks and the game of wrestling. David otunga net worth