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Binding of isaac rebirth mom

Binding of isaac rebirth mom

Binding of isaac rebirth mom

Binding of isaac rebirth mom Ever reached that locked door withinside the Depths, however didn`t have a manner to get out of the Mom combat to attain that door? Don`t fret, permit a weeb loser factor you withinside the proper direction.

So How Do You Do It, Ya Donkey? Binding of isaac rebirth mom

Just concept I might make a short manual concerning a manner for humans to continuously attain the Dogma/Beast boss. No clue if everyone has already achieved this, however hey, if greater humans know, the much less runs can be wasted. Obviously, big spoilers.


In the Depths II (or Depths XL) ground in which you combat Mom,

there`s a door that calls for a Polaroid to free up, and if you want to even free up it, you want to teleport out of the boss room, due to the fact after you input the Mom boss combat, they`ll be no door to take you back.

In this ground, there’ll ALWAYS be a marked cranium

,which whilst destroyed, will continually drop the Fool card, which whilst used, will teleport you out of the room. Here`s an instance of the cranium

Find the cranium, bomb it, get the card, then make your manner to Mom

, beat her (and perhaps additionally clutch a further object from Boss Rush in case you have been rapid enough), then teleport out. Unlock the door, and bingo. Ya did it, kid.

The marked cranium will continually come up with the Fool card, so don`t fear approximately it providing you with whatever else.

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