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Angelica Maria Hartman professionally known as Angelica Maria. She is an actress and songwriter who was born in America. Angelica Maria or Angélica María is an American-Mexican singer.

Early Life of Angelica Maria

In New Orleans, Louisiana born in 1944, American entrepreneur Angelica Mari is a daughter, Arnold Hartman, and theater producer.

At the age of 5 following the divorce of her parents. When she was only four years old her career began. Of the play in the Mexican version, she was barely a teenager when she played the leading role in The Bad Seed.

For her outstanding performance she was awarded, acute serial killer girls playing. After that, as a pop singer, she began a successful career.

To her marriage from 1962, in 1975, as The girlfriend of the youth and The girlfriend of American, she was known. With costars Enrique Guzman she made a lot of rock n roll films, Alberto Vazquez and Cesar Costa, of Mexican Doris Day becoming a sort, Sandra Dee and Pleshttee, in the same virginal body together.

In 1967, he made a film which may be her best she went psychedelic: of subversive wonder women becomes a sort playing a sweet nun who eats mushrooms, without betraying her popsicle image Angelica came on the age and became a type. Of the tale novels and Angelica Maria changed again the 70s were the years.

In number fewer love stories she is the young lady who became faithful fans of her conquered the hearts of a generation of housewives. Between TV and musical theater she switched easily but practically from movie acting retired.

In the mid-80s, she returned to the screen but nothing happened. In show business, she closely watched her daughter’s career in the mid 90s return to TV, Other mature roles, and portraying mother.

Nowadays, with musical theater performing, she combines TV acting. She married a singer Raul Vale and after some years divorced.

Again she has not married. Of Mexican of a generation Maybe she wants to be the eternal girlfriend.

angelica Maria

angelica Maria

Bio of Angelica’s Maria

  • Born: September 27, 1944, New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S
  • Nationality: American
  • Ote Names: La Novia de Mexico
  • Occupation: Actress, musician, and singer-songwriter.
  • Years active: 1950 present
  • Children: Angelica Vale

Personal life of Angelica Maria

In 1974, A Venezuelan singer/comedian Raul Vale se met, in April 1975 whose married in Mexico to be televised in the first wedding.

In New York City that year she broke records on the same day when her show was sold out twice at Madison Square Garden. Has not yet been broken record.

Her daughter is 1975, the international actress, singer, comedian, and impersonator Angelica Vale was born. In 2003 Angelica Maria, with a major publishing house negotiating, as an actress and woman launched an autobiography that would release the lesser-known aspects.

In November 2005 it was published by Reader’s Digest.

Other works of Angelica Maria

In the show TR3S in 2012 Angelica joined Alberto Vazquez and Cesar Costa, up until nowadays. The Troup Enrique Guzman would join, later on.

June 2013 and 2014 between, of The X Factor Angelica formed part of the jury of the Spanish language version, in the united states which was broadcast starting summer.

In 2013, her most recent compilation Angelica launched. With your love available at, Liquid Spins, of Disney during the 50th anniversary as well as participating: After all, it’s a small world.

In 2014, of the film, she joined the ensemble cast: Ruta Madre. Of the TV series, she will be a regular cast member: Graves tv series in 2016.


  • At age 31 Gave birth to her first child, On November 11, 1975, a daughter Angelic Maria Hartman, her ex-husband Raul Vale her child’s father.
  • Angelica Maria is a singer, songwriter, and actress.
  • American entrepreneurs her parents, Arnold Federi Hartman, and theater producer, Angelic de Jesus Ortiz Sandoval.
  • In 2003, As an actress and woman, she launched an autobiography that would release the lesser-known aspect of her life. In November 2005 this book was published by Reader’s Digest.
  • In Hollywood Boulevard at 7060, she was awarded a Star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Live Theater, on May 25, 2016, in California.

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