Aliefhub Aliefhub Independent School District is a higher than expected, authorities funded college place located in HOUSTON, TX. It has 45,three hundred understudies in grades PK, K-12 with an understudy educator share of 14 to 1. As indicated with the aid of using country take a look at scores, 42% of understudies are essentially succesful in math and 36% in perusing.

Overview of Aliefhub Independent School District

Aliefhub Independent School District carries forty six faculties and 45,three hundred understudies. The place`s minority enlistment is one hundred percent. Likewise, 62.0% of understudies are financially hindered.
Schools withinside the District


Students at Aliefhub Independent School District


The understudy frame at the faculties served with the aid of using Aliefhub Independent School District is three.4% White, 27.8% Black, 10.9% Asian or Asian/Pacific Islander, 56.7% Hispanic/Latino, 0.7% American Indian or Alaska Native, and 0.2% Native Hawaiian or different Pacific Islander. Also, 0.five% of college students are at the least races, and 0% have now no longer decided their race or nationality.
Additionally, 48% of college students are female, and 52% of college students are male. At faculties in Aliefhub Independent School District, 62.0% of Students are certified to take an hobby withinside the authorities unfastened and scaled down value supper software and 50.6% of Students are English language college students.

Educators at Alief Independent School District


Inside Aliefhub Independent School District, one hundred.0% of educators are authorized, and 88.1% have at the least 3 years of involvement. The understudy to-trainer share is beneath the country normal, at 14:1. The locale has seventy seven full-time advisors on staff.

Test Scores at Aliefhub Independent School District

In Aliefhub Independent School District, 33% of rudimentary understudies attempted at or over the succesful degree for perusing, and 38% attempted at or over that degree for math. Likewise, 40% of middle college understudies attempted at or over the succesful degree for perusing, and 47% attempted at or over that degree for math. Furthermore, 69% of secondary college understudies attempted at or over the succesful degree for perusing, and 82% attempted at or over that degree for math.

Funds at Aliefhub Independent School District

It has a every year profits of $528,160,000. By and large, the place burns through $6,559.three million on guidance, $three,144.five million on assist administrations and $524.7 million on unique costs.

School information is given with the aid of using the general public authority.

Complete Revenue Aliefhub

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The preliminary step is to login to Alief HUB and open Alief ISD – My Apps and click is a college location this is located in southwest Houston, Aliefhub Login.

School in Houston, TX, withinside the Alief ISD WinOcular WorkSpace: Login: User ID Password… Ranks extra lousy than making a decision the faculties an understudy is certified toConclusion:


In 1894, Jacamiah Seaman Daughtery hooked up the metropolis of Dairy. Until 1906, Addicks, Barker, and Dairy hooked up a solitary School District.[citation needed] From 1906 to 1917, Alief turned into a Common School District referred to as Dairy School District #forty six. In 1917, the place turned into renamed Alief (because the nearby place turned into renamed after Alief Ozelda Magee, its postmistress). Alief had only a unmarried college till a unique number one college, Alief Elementary School (currently Youens Elementary School), turned into operating in 1964. Bonds exceeded for the duration of the Sixties brought on the principle modern-day grounds to open.

In 2011 the Brays Oaks place expanded. A little piece of Alief ISD became a chunk of the district.

TECH Aliefhub

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