Actresses graff and Kristen

Actresses graff and Kristen

Actresses graff and Kristen There are matters 9-1-1 lovers may be positive of with the display`s ultra-modern addition: firefighter Lucy Donato is a pressure to be reckoned with, and actress Arielle Kebbel loves puns.

“She’s a firecracker. See what I did there?

I love her,” Kebbel says of her ultra-modern individual, a daredevil first responder who joined the 118 at the quit of Monday’s episode.

A substitute for Ryan Guzman’s Eddie, who left his function withinside the Fox drama’s iciness finale, Lucy made her 9-1-1 debut with a high-strain motorway rescue that evoked a positive Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock movie (now no longer The Lake House) — and a kiss with Oliver Stark’s Buck.

So, how will Lucy match in at her new firehouse?

We understand Eddie has to head on his adventure for a chunk, however, stroll us via the selection to bring about a brand new firefighter in Lucy.


It simply felt like we wanted anyone else on the 118 to deliver returned a bit little bit of a laugh I suppose we have been lacking withinside the first 1/2 of the season. All of our characters are going via various tiers of trauma, and we desired anyone to be available without baggage,

without history, and type of injecting a bit little bit of levity and a laugh and pleasure returned into that firehouse. And we preferred the concept of someone that Buck ought to see as a kindred spirit — anyone who is simply going to leap in there, do what desires to be accomplished, and perhaps now no longer fear an excessive amount of approximately following the rules…and feature perhaps a bit little bit of a spark with.


I understand human beings had been saying, “She’s a type of the woman Buck.” And it’s a number of a laugh to play into. His individual is so athletic and laugh and fun. With Lucy, I experience gambling the one-liners — locating the humor in those high-stake moments. Growing up, I changed into looking at motion movies and suggests like Alias, the ones that have been constantly the moments that I felt closest to the individual. It felt find it irresistible simply introduced the coronary heart to the display or the film. And I suppose that this display does that truly well.

Arielle, what has it been wanting to dive into the motion sequences?

Holy s–t. Listen, via the years, I’ve accomplished a few very athletic characters, which I’ve loved. I’ve performed an assassin, and I’ve performed a cop-turned-detective. At this point, I’m very cushy doing my stunts. But not anything ought to put together me for this. I mean, our boots, I suppose, weigh eight to ten lbs. My calves are throbbing at the quiet of the day, simply from strolling in my boots.

And then, you placed the real stunts on the pinnacle of all that… Lucy may be very matched. And she’s a go-getter, she’s a chunk of an extremist. I suppose you will locate she loves to push boundaries. She likes to head all in. So, bringing that to existence, it is vital to reveal the athletic moments every time I can.

You were given to reveal that off on your first motion scene.

I grew up looking at films like Speed. And so, as I study the script, I changed into like, “Wait a minute. Is this… Is this an homage to Speed” I changed into so excited that 9-1-1 changed into doing this tale line and that I might be part of it I geeked out And I changed into so thankful to paintings with director Shauna Duggans, who changed into clearly 9-1-1’s stunt coordinator.

She’s a real-existence badass — as is Jessie Graff, who’s my stunt double. I needed out the primary night time I met her, due to the fact she is the authentic woman winner of American Ninja Warrior. And I glamourpeaks that changed into so cool. And then felt a bit embarrassed after, simply stalking her on set. Actresses graff and Kristen