Actor Cubano de novelas

Actor Cubano de novelas

Actor Cubano de novelas Cubans love cleaning soap operas and series, mainly Mexican ones. That is why some of the visitors are surprised when they see actors who had been born in Cuba running withinside the Aztec country.

7 Cuban actors who’ve succeeded abroad:

Although a few have failed in their professions, others were luckier and are very well-known for the duration of the world. Such is the case of those 7 actors of Cuban beginning well-known abroad :

1. Cesar Evora

Cuban actor presently living in Mexico, who has controlled to monopolize the world`s public together along with his amazing performance. Although he has labored in film, theater, and television, he’s quality recognized for his roles in telenovelas such as “Triunfo de Amor” and “Al diablo con Los Guapos”.

2. Aylen Del Toro

He become born in Cuba, however, he has been a resident of Mexico for a maximum of his life. She commenced her profession as an information presenter for Hechos Morelos and way to her ease and charisma, she has become the meteorologist for Hechos AM on channel Azteca 13.

3. Sissi Fleitas

Actress, version, and host who made it large on Sabado Gigante along with Don Francisco. She additionally acted in telenovelas such as “More is aware of the devil…” and become on the duvet of numerous magazines, which includes People in Spanish.

4. Rolando Brito

In Cuba he labored at the films “El ojo del canario” and “La vida es silbar”. Meanwhile, in Mexico, he has stood out in Mexican cleaning soap operas such as “A mild at the road”, “The infant who got here from the sea” and “That I love you, I love you”.

5. Cinnamon Jencarlos

This guy from Cuban beginning has triumphed withinside the United States now no longer simplest for his profession as an actor, version, and singer, but additionally for his extremely good appeal. He has acquired numerous awards in “Premios Lo Nuestro and Premios Juventud”.

6. Liz Vega

She is a dancer, actress, and singer. She regarded withinside the Mexican model of Playboy mag and from then on she commenced running diverse telenovelas such as “Contra Viento tide” and “Duelo de Pasiones”. During her profession, she has long gone through numerous scandals, mainly for publishing nude photos.

7. Raquel Bigorre

Singer, host, actress, and author born in Havana. In Mexico, she hosted the glamourpeaks Ritmoson program and has regarded track shows, speech shows, and track videos. Actor Cubano de novelas